Rules, Terms and Conditions PENRITE CLASSIC CUP


Rules, Terms and Conditions


Brno, February 2015

Martin Dundálek
Vladimír Jokl
Karel Kostroň

As organizers of a competition for historic and classic racing cars, whose aim is to popularize the historical legacy of motorsport and demonstration of classic cars to the public, we declare that this competition called:


is organized under the following conditions:

1. General Conditions

The PENRITE CLASSIC CUP is a competition for historic cars and in fact it is a ride of regularity on a closed racing circuits. This is not a race. Each participant may go the speed he/she wants. The time is measured by a professional timekeeping. The cup consists of three competition days. Both the subscriber and the vehicle must comply with the prescribed conditions.

2. Participants and licenses

The PENRITE CLASSIC CUP is open to all participants fulfilling the prescribed conditions and owning a driving license. The participant is required to complete the prescribed training, technical acceptance of the vehicle and pay the fee in the required amount. By fulfilling the above mentioned conditions, the participant receives a one-time license for one competition day. For actual information see the web site

3. Vehicles

The PENRITE CLASSIC CUP is for vehicles manufactured before the year 1990 or, for vehicles of the same model with a younger year of production. Pre-war cars, young-timers and replicas of famous models, so-called "collector cars" are welcome. Vehicle must correspond to the period's appearance and technical construction. Cars significantly technically modified or adapted, for example with non-period aerodynamic elements, will be not allowed to compete. Cars must meet the technical and safety rules of the PENRITE CLASSIC CUP and be in accordance with the rules of road safety even if they are not normally road used. For approval of "collector vehicles" the owner must approve that vehicle in its actual appearance has already taken part in a race. Prescribed tires must be in perfect conditions and in compliance with the European homologation, after discussion it is also possible to use racing tires (Slicks, semi-Slicks).

4. Technical and safety features – vehicles

A) The classic racing car (including replicas):
1) the structure (frame, cage) in accordance with the current or given period regulations, safety regulations, with an emphasis on current perfect technical condition;
2) seat belts, at least 4-point, intact with no signs of significant damage, fixing must conform to some variant of Annex J;
3) rider´s and passenger´s seats, original or current, but each has to be properly secured to the vehicle body;
4) towing lugs or straps, must reliably ensure towing and be marked with a contrasting colour;
5) fire extinguisher 2 kg, correctly labeled and secured;
6) battery off switch with external and internal controls;
7) battery arbitrary, any location, its fixing always with respect to its weight;
8) non-conductive overlay of plus pole always required;
9) fuel tank standard or safety special, properly fastened, separated from the cockpit.
*) Mandatory equipment 1) 2) 3) 9) may have expired homologation.

B) Historical car*:
1) Appearance and technical conditions must correspond with the original state in production year, additional engine, chassis and bodywork modifications must comply with the period adjustments;
2) tires and wheels can be any, however, tire sizes must conform to the period specification and must not exceed the wheel arch edges (their use does not require intervention into the body);
3) wheel arches of vehicle may be extended if this adjustment was homologated in the past;
4) towing lugs or straps, must reliably ensure towing and must be marked with a contrasting colour;
5) open historical car whose roof structure does not form part of the solid skeleton must be equipped with a safety protective frame for driver and passenger mounted behind the front seats (if the vehicle is equipped with front passenger seat). The frame forms of a major arc and a pair of rear longitudinal struts. Dimensions of the main arch least 50x2 mm, dimensions reinforcements least 40x2 mm. The material is steel with a tensile strength of 350N/mm2. The attachment points must be reinforced with a steel plate 3 mm thick with an area of 120 cm2. Mounting frame to the reinforced body sites either welding or three screws with a diameter of 8 mm, or a combination of both;
6) battery any, placed anywhere outside the vehicle crew, its attachment always with respect to its weight. Non-conductive overlay of plus pole always required; *) Recommended: minimum 4 point seat belts, fire extinguisher, battery isolator.

C) In general, for all vehicles:
1) the body must be without signs of corrosion or other damage;
2) the mechanical parts without signs of excessive wear or damage;
3) illumination of the car completely functional;
4) special modifications e.g. aerodynamic elements must be proven by the given period photographs, prints, homologation form etc.

5. Technical and safety features - driver and passenger*

A) Mandatory equipment (everything also with expired homologation):
1) safety helmet;
2) fireproof overalls;
3) gloves;
4) closed shoes.
*) Recommended: fireproof long underwear, fireproof balaclava, fireproof socks, fireproof gloves, fireproof shoes.

6. The behaviour on track

The participant (rider and passenger) of the PENRITE CLASSIC CUP is obliged to undergo training at the beginning of each competition day. The subject of the training will be in particular specification of the track, training of driver´s behaviour on track and explanation of the rules. Maximum speed is determined only by the participant. Overtaking is permitted only on the straight parts of the track.

7. Devices for measuring time and electronic accessories

It is only allowed to measure time by a mechanical device, electronic devices are not permitted. Organizers do not approve the usage of electronic devices in the car, in particular audiovisual equipment, placed outside the vehicle interior.

8. Classes

Historic cars, classic racing cars and "collector cars" are classified into the following classes:

Class 1 engine capacity up to 1000 ccm.
Class 2 engine capacity up to 1300 ccm.
Class 3 engine capacity up to 2000 ccm.
Class 4 engine capacity up to 3000 ccm.
Class 5 engine capacity more than 3000 ccm.
Class 6 formula cars and sports prototypes (irrespective of engine volume).

A vehicle equipped with a turbocharger or supercharger will be included in the next higher class. If there are less than 3 participants in one class, the participant will be included in the next higher class.

9. Programme and course of the event

As the planned time schedule for each competition day is different, the details will always be published at website in advance (i.e. one month before the coming competition day). The organizers reserve the right to change the programme.

10. The rating and scoring

Points are awarded in the main and bonus discipline. Main discipline – regularity drive (the smallest time difference between the two measured rounds during the event) – is announced across classes (see par.8.) and the points are as follows:

1st place 100 points
2nd place 80 points
3rd place 60 points
4th place 50 points
5th place 40 points
6th place 30 points
7th place 20 points
8th place 10 points

The first five places will be awarded At the end of each competition day.

Bonus discipline – achieved absolute lap time (the best time measured of all timed laps during the event) – is announced for each volume class (see par.8.) separately and is awarded as follows:

1st place 100 points
2nd place 60 points
3rd place 40 points

The first three places in each class will be awarded at the end of each competition day.

The points obtained during the season in each competition day are added up into the total sum and at the end of the final competition day the first three overall places will be announced. In the case of the competition day taking place on the racing circuit in Vysoké Mýto, the scoring will be currently adjusted.

11. The identification of vehicle, driver and passenger

Each vehicle should be numbered with reflective coloured number placed in the upper right corner of the windshield. Also on both sides (front doors) of the vehicle will be placed promotional stickers with a serial number. The car will be labeled after passing scrutineering.

Driver and passenger after completing compulsory licensing procedures will receive a bracelet.

12. Statement and Disclaimer

Driver and passenger disclaim the right for recovery of damages to the vehicle, health and any other harm caused by an accident on the circuit. Participants undertake to refrain, in connection with PENRITE CLASSIC CUP™, from any criminal and civil actions regarding compensation for damages. Organizers are not liable for damages caused by participants in any extent. In particular, they are damages to vehicles and health of other participants and as well as circuit equipment.

13. Payment

The fee for each competition day of the series is set in the amount of 2,500 CZK incl.21% VAT. Please pay the fee to our bank account kept at KB, a.s. bank at least 3 weeks prior to the event. In case of absence, the fee is forfeited to the organizer. In the case of a bulk payment of the entire PENRITE CLASSIC CUP™ 2015 pre-season, the total price is reduced to 6.000,- CZK incl.21% VAT.

14. Services

The fee includes the following services: a license, starting numbers and stickers, 1 training, 2 timed sections, professional timekeeping, the awarding ceremony, parking space for car, services of the race authority, services of circuit stuff (except the competition day on the race track in Vysoké Mýto), refreshment.

15. Dates of the competition days in 2015

April 12, 2015 Automotodrom Brno
August 29, 2015 Automotodrom Vysoké Mýto
October 25, 2015 Automotodrom Brno

16. Contacts

Francouzská 23/91, 602 00, Brno, Czech Republic
Martin Dundálek, tel.: 777666556
Vladimír Jokl, tel.: 602740907
Karel Kostroň, tel.: 739381967



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